i am looking for any system or any API connection or extension which can help me connect with our amazon account.

we previously used m2e pro which was a perfect extension if we want to list products on either ebay or amazon but now as all of you know it isnt free any more and paying fees to them means all our profit will vanish. (because of low profit margin in amazon orders)

so we are looking for a system which can help us connect with amazon and we can list item exactly we use to do with m2e pro (category wise or product wise, matching product EAN)

also we can import orders from amazon to our magento store. so we can fulfil them exactly as our normal orders.

we dont mind installing any other extension as long it features close to m2e pro and is free.



Sometimes I am truly amazed to see human beings willing to get best in class for nothing. M2E has never been free (!) as it had been subsidized by eBay with latter pouring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in development, I guess. I wish you good luck in finding “free alternative" which is as good as m2e pro…


Free ?.. There is nothing free in the present world. M2E Pro used remote based servers. You were not directly connected with amazon or eBay.

If you are looking for alternative and extension for resasonable price, you ca go here -> http://magegaga.com/advanced-amazon-integration.html.

Check the features, if is suits your store.

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