My site has an extension called "instantsearch+" for product searching operation. I want to disable it and use the default magento search. I have selected option "NO" for "Enable InstantSearch+" in the admin section, But still it is working as before.
Kindly suggest how to disable it and use the default magento search option ?
Thank you.

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Make sure to set it to no on all scopes in System > Configuration.

Also, to disable it on the frontend you can use the fields in System > Configuration > Advanced, find your module and set it to Disable

But the best way to disable a module is to go to the directory app/etc/modules with FTP and look for the XML file belonging to that module and change <active>true</active> to <active>false</active>

And as always, don't forget to flush all the caches and recompile if you're using the compiler

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    Thanks @Sander Mangel . Though the first two methods didn't work but I managed it in the third. i.e. updating the xml file. Commented Oct 28, 2015 at 13:50

You Need to disable it in app/etc/modules/instasearch.xml (or the relevent name for that module xml) and in tag replace true by false

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