In Magento2, how do we print the input data into notification messages for - Error - Success - Warning - Notice

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In your class, inject the Message ManagerInterface class:

protected $messageManager;

__construct(\Magento\Framework\Message\ManagerInterface $messageManager) {
    $this->messageManager = $messageManager;

Note, Magento has deprecated methods:


So instead you should use:

  • Would this also work during the onepage checkout, where "everything" is javascript?
    – peedee
    May 9, 2017 at 9:06
  • Apparently the "page.messages" section gets removed from the checkout through the checkout_index_index.xml file, so messages will not be shown there. I wonder why Magento built it that way.
    – peedee
    May 11, 2017 at 3:34

If you are using a controller, then most probably you have extended



This injects the \Magento\Framework\Message\ManagerInterface object in its __construct function using the \Magento\Framework\App\Action\Context $context object

So to display a message,

  1. Success -

    $this->messageManager->addSuccess( __('This is your success message.') );

  2. Error -

    $this->messageManager->addError( __('This is your error message.') );

  3. Warning -

    $this->messageManager->addWarning( __('This is your warning message.') );

  4. Notice

    $this->messageManager->addNotice( __('This is your notice message.') );

Inside other classes

class Dummy

     * @var \Magento\Framework\Message\ManagerInterface
   private $messageManager;

   public function __construct(\Magento\Framework\Message\ManagerInterface $messageManager)
       $this->messageManager = $messageManager;

  public function someFunction()
    $this->messageManager->addSuccess('Add your success message');


So as far as i have noticed, Magento2 has removed session class specific notification messages.

  • 2
    Magento has deprecated these add<type>() methods. See my answer.
    – Stanley
    Oct 20, 2016 at 15:38
  • 2
    I have a problem with message, when I add to cart it show success message but when I access to another page it still show that message. How can I remove it when it show at least once time?
    – Henry Bui
    Jan 11, 2017 at 2:55

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