i have tried to use block as inner block which is defined in the same layout xml file using "as" in block tag and getchildhtml("as name") in phtml. test.php(layout file)

<block name="name1" type="modulename/blockfilename" template="file1.phtml">
  <block name="name2" type=modulename1/blockfilename1" template="file2.phtml" as="display"></block>


<?php $this->getChildhtml("display") ?>

similarly how can we use the magento defined blocks as inner blocks in our blocks for example magento defined Now i want to use as="left" in my block as inner block

If possible can you please let me know with example for better understanding.

Thanks in advance

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You use;

<?php $this->getChildhtml("display") ?>

when you should use:

<?php echo $this->getChildhtml("display") ?>

To clarify, getChildHtml() only returns a string and you must do something with it like, in this case, echo it.

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