I'm trying to fix a overriden form, which has seven fields required by the form validator, but don't displayed. I found, reading the source code, that all of them are present, but hidden, which means the template is being actually overriden.

Having a look into the eav_attribute table, I found that all the fields has the field is_required set to 1 (which makes sense) but four of seven fields are twice, with the entity_type_id field set to 1 and 2 (customer and customer_address, according to eav_entity_type table).

The install- script has a visible_on_front field set to 1 too (which is not present in the eav_attribute).

I don't get how a form field can be disabled (or hidden) but still being requested. So, the question is: how I make visible those custom fields?

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Solved! the problem was another XML layout file being located in app\design\frontend\base\default\layout\ and pointing to a non-existant template, which Magento was using all the time.

The right location of the right layout XML file is app\design\frontend\base\default\layout\ (which Magento was ignoring to).

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