Well, this is what happened:

I created a new Attribute set called "Nuevos Productos", then I added 20 products to that set. After that, I deleted the set by mistake and all the products were deleted too. How can I solve this!?


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If you have a backup u can solve it, if not your best option is to enter them again.

You can try this module for the future:


Once it is installed you will be able to undelete products, it only works with the product that are deleted after the module is installed.

  • Thanks baconl. Yes, Trashcan is a great extension that I will install. Ok, so I found a .csv file of the products I deleted and I imported it to Magento again. The import went ok, but now I realize that many things are not working properly: 1.- Accents changed to this, for example: Pantalla Acústica Portátil 2.- Meta Information were not imported 3.- When I change texts, titles and page layout in a product, it doesnt work. I flush all the cache, deleted from var/cache, reindex all data, even clear the browser cache and it doesnt work. Prices, stock and images works fine. what is wrong?
    – Carlos N
    Oct 28, 2015 at 19:24
  • Your character set is the problem, make sure that you csv file uses the same character set as your database. UTF8 for example.
    – baconl
    Oct 29, 2015 at 9:49

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