Scenario: Create order via admin backend

  • Given there is a product with a price of 35.71
  • And there is no discount available
  • When you add this product to the quote
  • Then the corresponding quote item has price 35.71

This user story is not valid, if your shop has more than one currency: Then the corresponding quote item has price 28.57, although all amounts are in the same currency.

What is even more strange: The error seems not to disappear, if I disable the second currency and even delete its currency rate.

Tax seems not to interfere with this issue, because I have it for both catalog prices including tax or not.

Can anyone confirm that? I checked two different stores today, running CE and CE Is it a known bug or did I miss something? How could it be fixed?

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Got it: Indeed, that was a tax issue.

The product list before adding the product contains prices based on the tax of merchants location (e.g. 19%), while tax is recalculated for the customer when adding the product. Depending on your tax display settings, you will see different values including/excluding tax. This gets the more confusing if several currencies are used…

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