I've installed Magento 2 and set MAGE_MODE=production. However, I'm receiving a lot of JavaScript errors when visiting the home page (requireJS).

I tried flushing the cache and reploying static content files, to no avail.

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I'm on the master branch of m2.

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Generation of anything on the fly, including static content and classes, is prohibited in production mode. Once you enabled production mode and called setup:static-content:deploy it pre-generated everything needed to render the page. I would also recommend to run setup:di:compile and dev:css:deploy.

Alternatively you can run deploy:mode:set: it enables production mode, regenerates everything needed to be regenerated and changes the permissions on the filesystem. Official documentation is here

  • Thanks a ton Eugene. This starts to make sense once you understand how everything works :) Nice suggestion on deploy:mode:set -- will definitely check that out. Sounds like that should be part of a pre-deployment build process when pushing code out to production. Commented Oct 24, 2015 at 19:39

In MAGE_MODE=production static is not materialized at all. So you need run magento setup:static-content:deploy to materialized it. See more detail in official documentation


So, I removed /var/cache, /var/page_cache, and /var/view_preprocessed, then ran ./bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy. Now, everything is rendering correctly.

Does anyone know why this fixed it? The setup:static-content:deploy command also ran a lot faster after this was done.

  • setup:static-content:deploy generated missing files. Or is you question about why removing of var/cache, etc fixed it? Commented Oct 24, 2015 at 15:11

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