For an order, when an invoice is created the order status changes to processing. Now, if a shipment is created the order status changes to Complete.

On debugging the code.. I have been able to find out the place where shipment save occurs.

Below is the file path: app\code\core\Mage\Adminhtml\controllers\Sales\Order\ShipmentController.php

In the following function:

 protected function _saveShipment($shipment)
        $transactionSave = Mage::getModel('core/resource_transaction')
         return $this;

I tried debugging the shipment variable data, but the status values show up as processing. But after the _saveShipment function is executed the order status changes to Complete

Could anyone tell me at what point the order status changes to Complete.


I found the code in


Look for statement

$this->_setState(self::STATE_COMPLETE, true, '', $userNotification);

in below function

protected function _checkState()
        if (!$this->getId()) {
            return $this;

        $userNotification = $this->hasCustomerNoteNotify() ? $this->getCustomerNoteNotify() : null;

        if (!$this->isCanceled()
            && !$this->canUnhold()
            && !$this->canInvoice()
            && !$this->canShip()) {
            if (0 == $this->getBaseGrandTotal() || $this->canCreditmemo()) {
                if ($this->getState() !== self::STATE_COMPLETE) {
                    $this->_setState(self::STATE_COMPLETE, true, '', $userNotification);
             * Order can be closed just in case when we have refunded amount.
             * In case of "0" grand total order checking ForcedCanCreditmemo flag
            elseif (floatval($this->getTotalRefunded()) || (!$this->getTotalRefunded()
                && $this->hasForcedCanCreditmemo())
            ) {
                if ($this->getState() !== self::STATE_CLOSED) {
                    $this->_setState(self::STATE_CLOSED, true, '', $userNotification);

        if ($this->getState() == self::STATE_NEW && $this->getIsInProcess()) {
            $this->setState(self::STATE_PROCESSING, true, '', $userNotification);
        return $this;
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