After adding product to the cart when I check to cart page the shipping rate not showing which was showing earlier. I also checked mage shipping module & it is also enable.

Here is my tax settings

Tax Classes

Tax Class for Shipping : Taxable goods

calculation setting :

Tax Calculation Method Based On : Total

Tax Calculation Based On : Billing Address

Catalog Prices : Excluding tax

Shipping Prices : Including Tax

Apply Customer Tax : After Discount

Apply Discount On Prices : Excluding tax

Apply Tax On : Original

Enable Cross Border Trade : No

Price Display Setting :

Display Product Prices In Catalog : Excluding tax

Display Shipping Prices : Including Tax

shopping cart display setting :

Display Prices : Excluding tax

Display Subtotal : Excluding tax

Display Shipping Amount : Including Tax

Include Tax In Grand Total : No

Display Full Tax Summary : No

Display Zero Tax Subtotal : No

  • Your tax settings have nothing to do with the question...
    – Erfan
    Commented Oct 22, 2015 at 8:19

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It probably disappeared because your session expired.

Because shipping depends on the quote address (which depends on the customer address), shipping methods cannot be shown/calculated at that stage of the checkout flow yet. That is, unless your session contains an address of course.

Possible ways to deal with this:

  • Show the shipping calculator on the cart page (should be enabled by default) so the customer can put in their address and get shipping pricing
  • Make an assumption of which country the customer is coming (or use GeoIP) and by using an even observer inject a quote address into the current session so shipping can always be shown
  • let me try for this... Commented Oct 24, 2015 at 6:05

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