I'm using Magento and I have bundled products, now I understand that when editing this bundled product you can only insert discount % and not actual price breaks, so when viewing a bundled product on the product view page it shows

Buy 6 with 5% discount each
Buy 20 with 20% discount each
Buy 50 with 30% discount each

With simple products you actually get displayed the price including the discount like so

Buy 12 for £1.07 each and save 5%
Buy 50 for £0.96 each and save 15%
Buy 100 for £0.90 each and save 20%

Is there any way I can get the bundled products to display the same information with the price for each like the simple products?

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Not easily, because the bundle price is dynamic. You would need to extend the Product.Bundle class from bundle.js to update the tier prices dynamically together with the "configured price".

  • would you care to elaborate on that answer please
    – Plugger
    Oct 22, 2015 at 9:09

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