how can I change the slider effect at the onepage checkout?

I only want to fade in/out or simple "reload" every step of the checkout process. I'm not a Pro in javascript. It's at /mytheme/js/opcheckout.js?!

THanks for your help.

  • Did you manage to add your sliding function? – Sander Mangel Oct 1 '13 at 10:43

The functionality for opening steps is actually located in the file [root]/js/varien/accordion.js and only called from the opcheckout.js at each step. You can modify the function located on line 44.

Checkout this answer on SO on overwriting default javascript functionality. It would come down to something like adding the following to your own Javascript file

Accordion.prototype.openSection = function(section) {
        your custom slider script

But since I'm no Javascript expert myself this will probably need a LOT of tweaking :)

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