So I have set Magento not to include category URLs into the product URL and it works fine when browsing site but if I visit the "old" URL, it does not redirect to the categoryless page.

Is this normal?




Moz.com indexed both and I have no idea how and I can't find a way to replicate where did it grab the second URL from but my biggest issue that is still works and it should not!

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I believe that this is default behaviour and only references how Magento generates the URLs when it is called upon within a block/template. It doesn't stop any of the other URLs being available and working.

Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Product_Collection -> addUrlRewrite()

My suggestion would be to canonical your product pages back to the non-categorised version. In Magento, you can find this option under System | Configuration | Catalog | Catalog | Search Engine Optimizations -> Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Categories.

Please test that this geneates the correct URL on your store. If it does, leave this enabled, and Google will eventually de-index the alternate URLs.

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