I have been working on a project built on cake PHP. The project is an multivendor eCommerce platform.

The client for which I am building this application ,wants to create a magento plugin. This plugin will install on any magento powered ecommerce platform and communicate with the client multivendor ecommerce website.

I know, how we can developed such plugin. But what I don't know, is weather can I publish such plugin to MagentoConnect, which catered to specific application only. It would be great help if someone point me to acceptance criteria on publishing the plugin on magento.

I know how to publish a plugin in Magento Connect. But Does magento connect will accept a plugin in their portfolio, which is made for a specific website. And will be used by business client of that website only?


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The guidelines are not too strict at the moment. There are major changes coming in the next month or two with the launch of the new version of Connect. For now though it's enough to package your Magento extension via a Magento instance and upload to Connect.

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