Working on magento community 1.9.1, security patch up to date.

I've tried to install an extension, but I get this error message :

> Checking dependencies of packages Package core/Mage_Catalog failed:
> Channel 'core' doesn't exist Installing package
> community/Package_name_version Package community/Package_name_version
> installed successfully Package installed:  community
> Package_name_version

I have tried the following base on what I found on the net, which is really not a lot about this issue...

> ./mage mage-setup 

Then add the extension again via magento connect & Then delete /downloader/cache.cfg

This had no result.

It's not comming from the extension because it's working fine on another instance of magento. The extension seems to be installed, but when I try to use it under the admin panel, i get this error :

Error: Http code "302" returned from extension_name

Thank you for helping

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