I want a script that will subtract the real-time subtotal from a set dollar amount declared for free shipping that I can display in the drop-down mini cart on our site. Example Display: "You are $27.46 from free shipping."

This is based on a threshold of $99 for shipping with a subtotal of $71.54 in the cart.


I happened to find this solution and it works quite well in See http://svosolutions.com/blog/magento-display-amount-until-free-shipping/

I hope it is not bad form to post an outside link, but I had trouble getting the code to post just as code.

  • It's fine to post links but you should include a full answer in case the link breaks. – Holly Oct 10 '15 at 6:51
  • Well, it kind of worked. I noticed that the dollar amounts truncates any trailing second zero so $19.20 appears as $19.2. What is the solution to keep 2 decimal places at all times? – Scot Oct 10 '15 at 23:36
  • Holy, As I stated, the code would not just post as code. The page was processing the php and not actually showing the code. I also found a solution to my issue. If I use the code at the link above and then use this code, I get my trailing zero. Btw, I have no idea why it seems to be letting me post code in the comments, but not in the answer. <?php echo number_format(($sumtotal), '2', '.', ',');?> – Scot Oct 14 '15 at 2:32
  • Here is what I used: <?php $subtotalamt = $this->getQuote()->getSubtotal(); ?> <?php $freeshipamt = 99; ?> <?php $sumtotal = $freeshipamt - $subtotalamt; ?> <?php Mage::helper('checkout')->formatPrice($sumtotal); ?> <?php if ($this->getQuote()->getSubtotal() > 99): ?> <div class="free-shipping-earned"> <h6>Congratulations! You've earned free shipping!</h6> <?php else: ?> <div class="free-shipping"> <h6>You're <span>$<?php echo number_format(($sumtotal), '2', '.', ',');?></span> away from earning free shipping!</h6> <?php endif ?> </div> – Scot Oct 14 '15 at 2:34

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