Why is the magento/downloader/cache.cfg file used for? can I ignore that file in the gitignore file

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Yes it is safe to ignore this in your .gitignore. I normally have the following:

# Ignore downloader cache and configuration files

As for the cache.cfg file, this contains a gziped, PHP serialized array that contains all the current configuration information for you Magento Connect instance. This is where it stores extension versions.

source: Where does Magento Connect track installed packages and versions?


It is not safe to ignore cache.cfg if you ever use ./mage upgrade or magento connect to keep track of packages. .gitignore. If you are just rsyncing to a server, then yes, the entire downloader folder can be left behind. But for development, you should share it, just like you would a package.json or a composer.lock.

# Ignore downloader cache, but not cache.cfg

/downloader/cache.cfg and /downloader/connect.cfg contain configuration details about what version the packages you downloaded are on. While it's easy to recover it, it's better to keep it in version control.


$ ./mage list-installed
Installed package for channel 'community' :
Fooman_SpeedsterAdvanced 0.8.14 beta         
Fooman_Common        1.2.8 stable        
$ rm downloader/cache.cfg 
$ ./mage list-installed
No installed packages

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