We have implemented our own email-inline.css file within our theme folder - skin/frontend/package/theme/css/email-inline.css. This works great for emails that are triggered by frontend actions that include {{inlinecss file="email-inline.css"}} - such as new order email locale/en_GB/template/email/sales/order_new.html.

However, it seems to cause an issue with certain templates, and fallback to the base email-inline.css file - such as locale/en_GB/template/email/outofstock_subscription.html.

My hunch is that these are templates when the email is triggered by the admin system (or at least not the frontend).

Is there a way to test this, and is there a way to explictly ensure that the correct area is loaded when an email is sent?


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This was due to a missing call to ->setDesignConfig(array('area'=>'frontend', 'store'=>$storeId)) on the core/email_template model in a 3rd party extension.

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