I created a new Azure VM machine using the clone/image of a previous one.

However, when I can newwebsite.com/magento, it's automatically redirecting to oldwebsite.com/magento. I looked at the .htaccess in the main magento directory, and I found no reference to the old website. Also, I cleared the cache and sessions, but neither of those things seemed to fix the issue.

What could be causing it?

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  • Access your Magento DB & find core_config_data table
  • Run the following command:

select * from core_config_data where path like '%base%url%';

  • This will display the current base_urls set in Magento.
  • To change the base URLs, execute the following commands:

update core_config_data set value = 'http://domainname/' where path = 'web/unsecure/base_url';

update core_config_data set value = 'http://domainname/' where path = 'web/secure/base_url';


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