I'm trying to override ProfileController located in


I created a new module to handle that as following :


<?xml version="1.0"?>


                        <fifoBox_productapproval before="Mage_Adminhtml">FifoBox_ProductApproval_Adminhtml</fifoBox_productapproval>

And My main class (controller) located in :


<?php require_once Mage::getModuleDir('controllers', 'Mage_Adminhtml') . DS . 'System' . DS . 'Convert' . DS . 'ProfileController.php';

class FifoBox_ProductApproval_Adminhtml_System_Convert_ProfileController extends Mage_Adminhtml_System_Convert_ProfileController {

    public function batchRunAction() {


} ?>

But Magento still call overriding (Original) method (i.e can't access my new class), even I tried to put the new controller file in app/local/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/System/Convert/ProfileController.php to avoid any xml config error but I got the same result, I cleared catch checked all logs even Apache ones with nothing

The only way I got my new code work is to modify the core file itself

Please help

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Overriding controllers in app/code/local does not work, because controllers are not loaded with the Magento autoloader.

But I guess the reason that your controller is not used, is that there is a controller Mage_Adminhtml_System_Convert_GuiController that extends Mage_Adminhtml_System_Convert_ProfileController and the actual route is adminhtml/system_convert_gui/batchRun and not adminhtml/system_convert_profile/batchRun.

Try to add a class FifoBox_ProductApproval_Adminhtml_System_Convert_GuiController and see if this is used.

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