How to increase width only on homepage? If I change style.css it will affect the other ones.

Read something about <reference> but not sure how to accomplish that.

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TL;DR: In your CSS, filter for the class: .cms-index-index.

Explanation: Magento adds classes to the body tag based on (mostly) the url that is passed in. Here is a list of a few that may be helpful:

  • .catalog-product-view: product page
  • .checkout-cart-index: viewing the cart
  • .checkout-onepage-index: onepage checkout
  • .checkout-onepage-success: checkout success
  • .cms-page-view: CMS page

In addition, CMS pages convert the path into a dash-based list (changing all separating characters to be hyphens), and append that to cms-. This would make /about.html to have the class cms-about-html and the page /folder/file.html to have the class cms-folder-file.html.

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