I have added best seller on my homepage referring to this link https://blog.amasty.com/how-to-display-bestselling-products-in-magento-source-code/ but it is not responsive, I want to make it responsive so that products in best seller block doesn't hide with the horizontal scroll bar(at the bottom)enter image description here

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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is about css – Mufaddal Oct 3 '15 at 10:02
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    css comes under magento – Swetha Oct 3 '15 at 10:07
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    What have you tried? What is the problem? There is no question mark in this question. Please edit your question, give a context and explain what the exact problem is. – Fabian Blechschmidt Oct 3 '15 at 10:34

I got the answer by just adding following code in my css file

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You can use responsive carousel



<?php $_productCollection=$this->getLoadedProductCollection();?>
<?php if ($_productCollection>count()): ?>
    <div class="owl-carousel-wrapper">
        <div class="owl-carousel" id="home-product-slider">
            <?php foreach ($_productCollection as $_product): ?>
                <div class="item">
                    <a href="<?php echo $_product->getProductUrl() ?>" title="<?php echo $this->stripTags($this->getImageLabel($_product, 'small_image'), null, true) ?>" class="product-image"><img src="<?php echo $this->helper('catalog/image')->init($_product, 'small_image')->resize(135); ?>" width="135" height="135" alt="<?php echo $this->stripTags($this->getImageLabel($_product, 'small_image'), null, true) ?>" /></a>
                    <?php $_productNameStripped = $this->stripTags($_product->getName(), null, true); ?>
                    <h2 class="product-name"><a href="<?php echo $_product->getProductUrl() ?>" title="<?php echo $_productNameStripped; ?>"><?php echo $_helper->productAttribute($_product, $_product->getName() , 'name'); ?></a></h2>
                    <?php echo $this->getPriceHtml($_product, true) ?>
            <?php endforeach; ?>
        jQuery(document).ready(function() {
            var owl = jQuery("#home-product-slider");
                responsiveClass: true,
<?php endif; ?>
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  • I tried using this but I am not understanding how to add this to my products. – Swetha Oct 3 '15 at 10:03
  • edited my answer with script – Akhilesh Patel Oct 3 '15 at 10:16
  • please guide me where i shud put this code – Swetha Oct 3 '15 at 10:20
  • You will just need to find your bestseller phtml template file and replace that code with this new one. – Akhilesh Patel Oct 3 '15 at 10:27
  • If i replace my phtml code with the above code then the best seller is not at all displaying on my home page – Swetha Oct 3 '15 at 10:35

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