I've got an 11 multi site situation where I have the sitemaps auto generated every day at 4am. It works fine but when I change the generation settings to weekly it still produces a fresh set of sitemap files each morning at 4am.

Any ideas why it would do this?

  • Can you please specify the Magento version you are running ? – Allan MacGregor Sep 25 '13 at 12:59

There is a good reason to why the Frequency field is ignored when generating a sitemap.
It's a bug.

The problem is in Mage_Adminhtml_Model_System_Config_Backend_Sitemap_Cron. That's the backend model called when saving the sitemap generation settings.
The frequency is retrieved like this:

$frequncy = $this->getData('groups/generate/frequency/value');

This always returns null. (Also the var name is misspelled but that's not important).
The value should be retrieved like this:

$frequncy = $this->getData('groups/generate/fields/frequency/value');

There is a fields missing in there.
Here they are side by side so you can compare:

$frequncy = $this->getData('groups/generate/frequency/value'); //how it's done
$frequncy = $this->getData('groups/generate/fields/frequency/value'); // how it should be

I don't know what version are you using but I can confirm this is still wrong in ce- (and ce-

On a side note: the values for $enabled and $errorEmail are retrieved wrongly also, but they are not used in the same model

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