What I've done:

  • I've imported all my products once (without any problems regarding the images)
  • Deleted all of them and then deleted all files under media/catalog/products
  • imported all my products again
    • Now it creates two image entries in my product while only the first exists
      • 1234.jpg (only this file exists)
      • 1234_1.jpg (selected as default)

So i assume there is an cache, db entry, something which remembers the file which was there at some point.

Line which triggers the image import: $this->product->addImageToMediaGallery($this->filepath, array('image', 'small_image', 'thumbnail'), true, false);

  • You deleted all files in media/products or in media/catalog/product ? – Prateek Sep 29 '15 at 7:00
  • My fault deleted catalog/product of course – Marvin Oßwald Sep 29 '15 at 7:02
  • If you have followed all the above steps in same order, check in admin configuration, if media folder is mapped somewhere else. – Prateek Sep 29 '15 at 9:15

Take a look at this answer - addImageToMediaGallery and getMediaGalleryImages
You might be saving the product multiple times, after each addImageToMediaGallery call. In this case, duplicate image paths (the ones with '_1' appended) will be created and added to the product, without the files actually being there. Moving product->save outside of any loop should help avoid this.

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