On product page I've a custom text field and I want to save it to order's comment section, if it is filled and order placed for that user.

I can either use sales_order_status_history_save_after or sales_order_place_after event to add comment to an order. How I can manage the session of the entered text ? Will it be fine to set session of the entered text in my controller using Mage::getSingleton('core/session')->setOrderComment($text); and observe it in sales_order_status_history_save_after and update order?

All I wanted to make sure is this comment goes for the particular product and customer who has entered this text. Can I set it on quote creation level ?

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To save info in session

Use an observer for product add to cart(eg checkout_cart_product_add_after), then in your observer save the information to session.

Maybe a better way to do this would be to add the comment to the product custom option

To save order comment

Using sales_order_place_before event. Then in your observer check if session exist, then append the comment using addStatusHistoryComment.


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