Where can I edit the Postage / Shipping Label for Magento?

Is it in the back end? Or through the FTP?

Just need to edit the layout of the invoice that gets sent to the customer.

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Use the translation file translate.csv in your theme. For demonstration purposes, I will use the default theme in the default package (app/design/frontend/default/default). You may apply the steps below to your custom theme.

How to change the label using the translation file:

  1. Open app/design/frontend/default/default/locale/en_US/translate.csv
  2. Add a new line:

    "Billing Information","Shipping and Billing Information"
  3. Verify that your Store View uses the correct locale ("en_US").

    Log in to the Magento backend and navigate to System > Configuration > General > General > Tab "Locale Options". The "Locale" has to be set to "English (United States)" (either by directly setting it for the particular Store View or by inheriting from the Website / Default configuration).

  4. Verify that your Store View uses the default/default directory. This can be set in System > Configuration > General > Design. By default, "default/default" is used.

  5. Refresh or deactivate the cache.

  6. Navigate to the checkout page. The label text now should be "Shipping and Billing Information".

How to change the text only for Mage_Checkout texts:

  1. If you want to change "Billing Information" only in these places where the checkout translation helper is used, you can modify the line in translate.csv like this:

    "Mage_Checkout::Billing Information","Shipping and Billing Information"

Are you looking for edit layout of the Invoice or Postage / Shipping Label ?

Invoice and Postage / Shipping Label both are different.

posting this in answer as i am not able to comment

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