How can I add any CMS page to the main navigation in Magento RWD theme? I am aware of the URL rewrites that can be done through catalogue but there must be an easier way?

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I agree with Fabian Blechschmidt. Without any extension,it's not possible.

But there is an alternative

Basically, we use cms page for cms content management.

As per as my knowledge,there is a process in category system where you can manage cms content.

Just create a cms static block and assign that static block to category from Display setting tab.

Then,set Display Mode as Static block only. Do not assign any products to that category.

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Another alternative if you don't have a lot of CMS pages to add would be:

  • Create a category
  • Create your cms page
  • Create an URL rewrite that redirects your category to your cms page.

Thus, you will have a link in the menu and that link would redirect to your CMS page.



  • Name: About Us
  • URL Key: about-us
  • ID: 4

CMS page:

  • Name: About Us
  • URL Key: about-us

URL Rewrite:

  • Type: Custom
  • ID Path: about-us
  • Request path: catalog/category/view/id/4
  • Target path: about-us/
  • Redirect: Permanent
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Nope. You can't add a CMS page out of the box to the main menu, only categories.

The alternative is to install one of plenty menu extensions.


Goto Catalog-> URL rewrite Management and search for id in the ID path column.

Then open it and change the redirect option from No to Permanent(301). Also copy the text inside Target Path non-editable field. It may look like this catalog/category/view/id/50.

Then Click save.

Then for redirecting this category page to CMS page, we’ve to add new URL rewrite.

To do so, Click Add URL rewrite button in Catalog->URL rewrite Management. It’ll take you to Add New URL rewrite Screen, Where you’ve to choose Custom from Create URL Rewrite drop-down list.

It then will take you to another new page where you’ve to enter ID path, Request Path and Target Path.

ID path — It must be any unique identifier. It can anything like iamrookie or whatever as you wish.

Request Path — It must be the Target path which we’ve copied before catalog/category/view/id/50 in step1.

Target Path — It should be the CMS page URL Key which you want to redirect. For example gift.

Then select Redirection to Permanent(301) from the drop-down and click save.


You need to do small modification in the topmenu.phtml file of your current theme. Here is the complete description for your solution. You can reorder the category menu and cms page menu with the solution. http://subodhdhukuchhu.com.np/customizing-the-magento-top-menu/


Please follow the steps as given in the below link:



Instead of creating a CMS page, put your static HTML contents directly in the Description box on the category page. For dynamic contents, create your block and insert {{block type="mymodule/myblock" template="mymodule/myblock.phtml"}} in the Description box. Then, in your config file, either in the module etc/config.xml or in the local.xml, insert the following:

    <!-- other config -->
    <!-- other config -->
        <!-- copy the following and insert in your etc/config.xml or local.xml -->
                <tempate_filter>cms/template_filter</tempate_filter> <!-- typo tempate must be as is -->

Note: the config above wouldn't work well with page caching.

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