I am working on magento store. I need to extract the price for the specific product for every transaction included the price before special price being applied.

Would like to know if magento store the data or no.

  • you want to show 2 prices from frontend or what do you want to do with 2 prices? They were also input from backend.
    – uscoding
    Sep 22 '15 at 4:54

$product->getData('price') will return the raw value of the product's price field
$product->getPrice() will return the product's price, as it it stored for the type of the product (simple, configurable etc.)
$product->getSpecialPrice() will return the product's special price field, the value from the db
$product->getFinalPrice() will return the selling price of the product, taxing into consideration active special prices, catalog price rules, taxes etc.

As far as I could tell, you're looking for is one of $product->getData('price') or $product->getPrice().

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