I have a specific requirement where I want to allow backorders, if the product is "out of stock" but I don't want the product to be added on cart or process for checkout but just store the product backorder for the customer and notify him/her through email with the link of the product when its back on stock.

The wishlist is doing same and so I copied it to local > Mage > Wishlist and observe the withlist_add_product to add the product to product_alert_stock. It's working fine except the link contains wishlist in the url and messages. I believe, I can change the messages but I'm not sure how can I change the url part.

Can someone guide me to change the url linking of the Wishlist? Would it better to keep it as Mage > Wishlist or shall I create the module and rename something like Backorders?

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You can either try creating a custom module with the appropriate frontname and then extend the with list controller and update the post url.


try to using a rewrite in your config.xml


See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13474491/magento-shorten-the-url-of-a-module-rewrite-with-htaccess

  • Thank @R.S, your solutions works. Sorry for late reply.
    – yatrik
    Sep 23, 2015 at 8:48

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