Is there a way to set skin url to be unsecure in img tag in email template content at the Magento backend.

My tag would be:

<img src="{{skin url="images/registration-email/logo.jpg" _area="frontend" _package="xyz"}}" />

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This is one of those instances where PHP loose-typing was not handled carefully. If you look at the implementation of Mage_Core_Model_Design_Package::getSkinUrl, which is what the {{skin url...}} CMS directive invokes, you will see that it makes use of a method named getSkinBaseUrl that builds the URL. That method determines whether to make it secure like this:

isset($params['_secure'])? (bool)$params['_secure'] : null

When you cast a string to a boolean in PHP, certain rules apply to how it will be converted. These are values that will be converted to FALSE:

  • the boolean FALSE itself
  • the integer 0 (zero)
  • the float 0.0 (zero)
  • the empty string, and the string "0"
  • an array with zero elements
  • an object with zero member variables (PHP 4 only)
  • the special type NULL (including unset variables)
  • SimpleXML objects created from empty tags

Every other value is considered TRUE.

Since (bool)"false" === TRUE, and they make that clear in the examples in the linked documentation, it’s only a happy accident that the XML param _secure="true" causes URLs to use https. Normally this is fine because we typically use this param to force a URL to be secure, but in this case we are doing the opposite. You could put nearly any string value in that param and it would create a secure URL, which leads me to...


This will allow you to force a URL in a CMS directive to be unsecure:

{{skin url="..." _secure="0"}}

add _secure="false" and then try. ie

<img src="{{skin url="images/registration-email/logo.jpg" _area="frontend" _package="xyz" _secure="false"}}" />

Don't forget to clear cache after the changes made.

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    Ya i tried this but it isnt working.
    – Swetha
    Commented Sep 18, 2015 at 11:09

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