I have on admin panel in menu section for example

 "review & rating"
     ->"customer review"
           -> "pending review"
           -> "all review"

that is "customer review" has two sub-links "pending review" & "all review"

Now when i click on "customer review" it will show "pending review" page .

I want to merge or say append the contents of "all review" on "pending review" page.So that when i click on "customer review" it will show "pending review" page which will show both the pages contents.

Help me out to solve this.

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No, this is not possible. Normally it would be by just adding the second grid block in the adminhtml layout XML but the review grid works a bit differently.

The all reviews page translates to Mage_Adminhtml_Catalog_Product_ReviewController::indexAction, there the grid block is added via


Now if you scroll down to the pendingAction it basically does the same except also setting a flag for pending reviews

    Mage::register('usePendingFilter', true);

Added the block twice, one before and one after the flag wouldn't work either since the blocks aren't directly rendered to html so they would both use the flag.

Basically, if you want to do this you'll have to rebuild the default adminhtml review controller and grid blocks to fit your needs

  • Then also if there any other way of doing this without changing default structure..I need to do it any how..I have tried a lot but not getting any output
    – Donika
    Sep 18, 2015 at 13:27

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