I have a type of product that needs a "setup fee" that depends on a selection of a custom option.

I tried to set a price for the custom option but the problem is that this price is multipled by the quantity.

What I'm looking for is:

  • product A costs X
  • product A plus option costs X + FEE
  • N product A with option costs (N * X) + FEE

Any solution?


I would create a custom product attribute for products that have a setup fee that contains the setup fee. Then create a module with a final price observer and the logic to detect if the product has a setup fee and add that to the final price calculation for that product.

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  • I can make an observer on catalog_product_get_final_price but this event is dispatched everywhere a price is shown, could you address me on how to add the fee only when a customer select a specific value of a specific custom option (like the customer select "wood" value of a custom option named "frame")? – Riccardo Sep 16 '15 at 16:42
  • How about you make product A a bundle product and add the options, 'wood', 'frame' as bundle items. You can then manually specify the quantity of the bundle item as 1 so that it is charged only one time. – paj Sep 17 '15 at 8:18

To solve my problem I've created an extension that using observers on sales_quote_* events it adds or removes a special "fee" product to the customer cart based on the product/s added or removed from the cart.

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