I have a scenario such that the childhtml should be called in two different places of same parent template file and for each childhtml is called it should return a phtml which contains the variable getType should be changed.

How is there



  echo $block->getChildHtml('demoPage');



  echo $block->getChildHtml('demoPage');

In child phtml

echo $this->getSection();

The above one is the situation can anyone help this out.

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Try this

//_____________SECTION 1 ____________

$s1Block = $block->getChildBlock('demoPage')->setSection('section1');
echo $s1Block->toHtml();

//_____________SECTION 2 ____________

$s2Block = $block->getChildBlock('demoPage')->setSection('section2');
echo $s2Block->toHtml();

or simply


where something will vary in each call.

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