My problem seems simple, but I actually spent 4 hours looking for the problem and can't find it.

I have a plug-in in magento to show a banner slider in my frontend page together with an image below the banner. My issue here is that, the image below the banner do not have hyper-links and still when you put the mouse over the image, an 1px grey border appears around it and it receives opacity.

I went throw every css file I found in my magento folder and could not find the source. The website is here

Is it possible to use the !important feature of css to solve the issue here?

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This is css qst, but here is my answer.

Remove this code from your css: styles-vendor.css line 2684 (http://lojaanalitica.com.br/skin/frontend/venedor/default/css/styles-venedor.css)

.main-banner img:hover {

    opacity :0.85; 

    filter: alpha(opacity=85);


Hope this helps.

  • Glad it helped, could you mark it right answer to help others. Sep 22, 2015 at 13:24

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