I'm working on a custom module that relies upon some properties from Admin user model. I used the method hashPassword() in my custom model replicated from core customer model, and in there, there is a call for constant Mage_Admin_Model_User::HASH_SALT_LENGTH. When I was working with version 1.9, all was good to go, but then I needed to port the module for 1.6, and there started my problem. Turns out that above constant is not defined in 1.6, tried with defined(Mage_Admin_User_Model::HASH_SALT_LENGTH), but no success.

Magento 1.6 had the value hard-coded to 2, and 1.9 has this value in constant as 32.

Looking for a better approach than to just hard-code the value so in versions in-between, I can use the same value being used by core code.


The Mage_Admin_Model_User::HASH_SALT_LENGTH constant was introduced in Magento CE – that is Mage_Admin module version

So that's where your version switch should be applied like this:

$hashSaltLenght   = $legacyValue;
$mageAdminVersion = Mage::getConfig()->getModuleConfig('Mage_Admin')->version;
if (version_compare($mageAdminVersion, '', '>')) {
    $hashSaltLenght = Mage_Admin_Model_User::HASH_SALT_LENGTH;

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