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I have a single downloadable product (i.e. an ebook). We have guest checkout disabled for downloadable products to prevent sharing. I attempt to checkout with a downloadable product and I can't proceed past step 2 (shipping information) UNLESS I have a physical, simple product in the cart. I monitor console logs and the /var/log directory. ZERO errors.

I monitored the process with Firebug and the last step I'm able to get to is POST https://www.website.com/checkout/onepage/saveBilling which has a 200 OK response. It looks like it is trying to skip right over the shipping rate information (which it should) and go directly to the credit card/payment step. Any thoughts?

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I installed a fresh CE and created a downloadable product. There were no issues during checkout. There is no step Shipping Information in onepage checkout due to the cart containing only virtual (downloadable) products.

In addition to the response body of the saveBilling response and the Firebug Console output, check out

  • Mage_Checkout_Block_Onepage_Shipping::isShow()
  • Mage_Checkout_OnepageController::saveBillingAction()

in order to nail things down.

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