I'm gonna take Magento Certification exam in next 3 months to become a Magento Certified Developer, I've been searching for document for this exam. When I look at the study guide I see a lot of questions which I can answer, however the problem is I don't really know what they are expecting me to answer.


I would like some materials that provide real experience on this exam (it's best if Ebook is written by Magento Certificated developer)

I highly appreciate any suggestion/recommendation on this. Thanks in advance

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I use this atm:


For me, way better then the study guide (I mean the one from the official Magento site)!

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Ok guys, passed today with 66/70 and heres my new approach:

I recommend to buy one of these : http://www.pass4test.com/search.php?q=magento&x=-939&y=-30

1. It gives you 130 questions AND answers. 70 of them are aktually taken for the test (depens on certificate)
2. It includes a Test-Software for practise
3. You get free updates on your test material if theres an test-update during your practise-time

For me, absolutely perfect and an really easy way to pass the Certification

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