I have a Varnish module that uses the interface provided by Mage_PageCache. Unfortunately, Mage_PageCache exists only in CE. The reason is probably that EE has its own PageCache module as a complete replacement (see: Mage_PageCache - External full page cache), but the Enterprise Full Page Cache does not provide an interface for external caches, so I cannot use it in the same way.

Now I want to use this Varnish module in a Magento Enterprise instance.

I could rewrite it to work as a standalone module (after all, Mage_PageCache doesn't do much on its own). But I would like to know if there are any known problems with Mage_PageCache and Magento EE, especially conflicts with the Enterprise_PageCache module:

Is is possible/safe to add Mage_PageCache to a Magento Enterprise installation?

Ideally, Enterprise FPC should still be active additionally.

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I was able to add Mage_PageCache from Magento CE 1.9.2 to Magento EE 1.14.2 without further modification, but I did not activate the Enterprise FPC (it was not compatible with the Varnish module, so I cannot say where there might be other incompatibilities)

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