When i click buy button items are adding into the cart.But When I do checkout, after logging from account and then filling shipping details,the cart becomes empty.Normally the URL which is followed for checkout is www.mysite.com/checkout/onepage/ but as my cart is getting empty the URL redirects to www.mysite.com/checkout/cart/.I am working on php5, magento 1.7 and nginx as local host.I am clueless about what is happening here. I am newbie.


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This question is not answerable for us, because it is too localized.

Some things about cart and login:

When you login, magento loads your account's quote. Then these two quotes are merged. This happens here \Mage_Checkout_Model_Session::loadCustomerQuote

The other thing which might be interesting for you is, that the session id is renewed after login. This happens here \Mage_Customer_Model_Session::setCustomerAsLoggedIn.

Something happens, that either the quote is lost, the products or the session after login.

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