I have a custom module and created a block handle in my configuration file as below


Then created a block file inside app/code/local/ucs/OneStepCheckout as below

class Ucs_OneStepCheckout_Block_Review extends Mage_Core_Block_Template
    public function getReviewTemplate()
        return 'Success';


Then trying to create the getReviewTemplate from theme/checkout/onepage.phtml as below

                echo '<pre>'; print_r($block);

It throws the error as below

Fatal error: Call to a member function getReviewTemplate() on a non-object

What is the wrong with my code?

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You block type is wrong should be


should be


It logic like :


onestepcheckout block type prefix / group name of module Ucs_OneStepCheckout Module as you define at config.xml

<blocks> <onestepcheckout><!-- this is called as block type prefix / group name of module Ucs_OneStepCheckout --> <class>Ucs_OneStepCheckout_Block</class> </onestepcheckout> ....

If you want to call Ucs_OneStepCheckout_Block_Review class as block type then convert like this:

  • Ucs_OneStepCheckout_Block = onestepcheckout

Review = review

Between Block groupName & rest of class name a / should come.

So block type is onestepcheckout/review


It's onestepcheckout/review, not onestepcheckout_review (class group alias, slash, snake cased rest of the class name)


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