I changed the URL key for "about-magento-demo-store" to be simply "about-us". I figured out that I then needed to edit the "footer_links_company" so that the appropriate <li> looked like this...

<li><a href="{{store url=""}}about-us/">About Us</a></li>

About the time I thought how clever I was I noticed that while that works fine if I click on the "About Us" I get that page to pull just fine EXCEPT I see on that page there's a new menu area on the left hand column. If I click on that "About Us" I get a 404 error.

Where is the file that is still referencing the original "about-magento-demo-store" URL?



Log into your Magento's backend. Open CMS -> Static Blocks and edit the block with identifier cms_menu. There you'll find your link-list to update.

  • ahhh, there it is! I just couldn't lay my eyes on where that one was. Thanks much. – DeadboltSecurity Sep 4 '15 at 15:56

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