Let's say I have 2 products, within each product I have tier prices for quantity.


Product A

Price: £10/each

Qty 2: £8/each

Qty 3: £6/each

Qty 4+: £3/each

Product B

Price: £12/each

Qty 2: £9/each

Qty 3: £5/each

Qty 4+: £2/each

What I want to achieve is if I have 1 of Product A and 1 of Product B in the cart, then I would like their respective tiered discounts to take effect.

Product A + Product B would need to equal a total of £17

3 X Product A + 1 X Product B would need to equal a total of £11

The prices I have chosen here are not going to be the real ones they are just to demonstrate.

Is this something I can achieve with cart rules? As I can only see it allowing fixed discount out of the box.

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Yes but you will need a combination of multiple rules. Set them up in the following pattern:

  1. Condition for total qty of all SKUs screenshot condition

  2. Action for discount amount for specific SKU action condition

For each price tier you will need one rule per SKU (if the discount amount is different).

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