Today, i merged js from magento admin panel. After merging, my store is not working properly. I now want to disable js merging but i am unable to do this form my admin panel because now save button is also not working. How can i disable js merging programmatically?


There are several options:

  1. With Magento code, in an install script:

    $installer->setConfigData('dev/js/merge_files', '0');
  2. Using SQL, in the database:

    DELETE FROM core_config_data where path='dev/js/merge_files';
  3. Using n98-magerun, on the command line:

    n98-magerun config:set dev/js/merge_files 0
  4. And per request: standalone PHP script:

    require 'app/Mage.php';
    $installer = new Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup('core_setup');
    $installer->setConfigData('dev/js/merge_files', '0');
  • Thanks fschmengler, i am more interested in first point but can i do something without install script? – umair ayub Aug 28 '15 at 7:16
  • I added a 4th option. Copy this into a PHP file in your Magento root directory, execute, then delete it – Fabian Schmengler Aug 28 '15 at 7:23

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