I am using the following to display image icons to represent the operating systems of a device.

<?php if($_product->getoperating_system()): ?><li><?php $os=$_product->getAttributeText('operating_system');
echo '<a href="/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?operating_system%5B%5D='.str_replace(' ', '_',$osid).'"><img class="specicon" src="/media/avenueimages/icons/'.str_replace(' ', '_',$os).'.png" alt="'.$os.'" title="'.$os.'"></a><p>'.$os.'</p>' ;?></li><?php endif; ?>

Results are as shown here: enter image description here

I would like to do the same with a multiple select attribute.

This code displays the attribute value ids:

<?php echo $_product->getData('printer_functions'); ?>

How do I modify the first code to display an icon for each selected value?


For multiple select attributes you can get the selected values like this:

$ids = $_product->getPrinterFunctions();

This returns an array or a string with the values concatenated by comma depending on the value for the flat catalog products flag.
So do this next.

if (!is_array($ids)) {
    $ids = explode(',', $ids);

Now you can loop through the $ids and do something with each id.
You can get the labels of the options like this

$texts = $_product->getAttributeText('printer_functions');

This will get you a string with the labels separated by comma.
So you can make that an array like this:

$texts = explode(',', $texts);

If everything is OK then $ids and $texts arrays should have the same count.

And small tip:
Don't use echo '<a href="/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?operating_system%5B%5D='.str_replace(' ', '_',$osid).'"> It will not work if your magento instance is located in one folder.
Use this instead:

 $url = Mage::getUrl('catalogsearch/advanced/result', array('_query'=> 'operating_system[]='.str_replace(' ', '_',$osid)));

 echo '<a href="'.$url.'"'>...'

Here is the code that has worked for me. I have modified code i found online:

<?php if($_product->getprinter_functions()): ?>
<?php $sportTypes = explode(",",$_product->getResource()

foreach($sportTypes as $key => $value){
        echo '<li><img class="specicon" src="/media/avenueimages/icons/'.str_replace(' ', '_',$value).'.png" alt="'.$value.'" title="'.$value.'"></a><p>'.$value.'</p></li>';

<?php endif; ?>

Here are the results:

enter image description here

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