1. I recently downloaded Magmi for my Magento installation.
  2. Put Magmi folder in Magento root directory
  3. As soon as I refresh my site it shows Service Temporarily Unavailable.
  4. Downloaded full Magento installation and searched for maintenance flag in local copy.
  5. Found nothing.

Please help I cannot get my site out of this state.

site: truesupplement.com

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    Are you sure that this is a maintenance.flag-issue? You could check your apache error log additionally. Do you have FTP or SSH access to the server? Maybe your FTP client does not show maintenance.flag file by default – simonthesorcerer Aug 24 '15 at 22:35
  • Your website is loading fine now. Did you resolve the issue and if so, what was the cause? – Aspiration Hosting Aug 26 '15 at 4:07

If this is maintenance.flag related, what you don't want at the moment is maintenance.flag

Open up your directory where Magento is installed and remove or rename the maintenance.flag file in there.

Flush cache.

To me though this sounds like it could be some other error.

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