I would like to extend a community module. The one I am refering to is the Inchoo Facebook Login.

This module has a class called Inchoo_Facebook_Block_Template and one of the classes methods is:

public function getRequiredPermissions()
    return json_encode('email,user_birthday');

I would like to create a module that "extends" (is that the correct term in Magento?) this class and changes what the above method returns. At the moment I am editing the method directly to accomplish my task and changing the above method to:

public function getRequiredPermissions()
    return json_encode('email,user_birthday,friends_birthday,user_photos,friends_photos');

The module I am creating should add extra Facebook permissions to the Facebook Login module but not edit its contents.

Any help is appreciated.


After adding a dependency your etc/modules/*.xml file


You should be able to safely rewrite the class from your own module:




class Your_Extension_Block_Template extends Inchoo_Facebook_Block_Template 
    public function getRequiredPermissions()
        return json_encode('email,user_birthday,friends_birthday,user_photos,friends_photos');
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  • I just had to change the <inchoo> elements to <facebook> and this worked great. Thanks. – beingalex Sep 14 '13 at 14:27

Sander's answer will put you on the right track if you want to keep your improvements to yourself. However since we all love open source I suggest you send the guys at Inchoo a pull request with your changes. If you make it optional through a new setting I am fairly sure they would include it.

You can find the code for the Facebook extension on Github.

Also take a look at the Social Connect extension from them which combines the Facebook extension with a range of other login options (currently Google and Twitter).

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  • Here is another module that offers twitter, Yahoo and Gmail along with the Facebook login option. fmeaddons.com/magento/… – user9468 Nov 17 '14 at 6:46

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