So i'm importing products from .csv file. The file I want to import is located here https://en.yournewstyle.pl/tresc/csv-files (it says it's configured for magento). Import goes fine, but all products are imported as configurable products. Is that import file fault or I just don't get it how to configure them right? From what I understand I need simple products linked to the configurable products is that right?

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The CSV file (https://yournewstyle.pl/iof/magento.en.csv) looks okay, it contains simple and configurable products. But: it won't import completely if the setup of your store is not correct:

  • It requires an attribute "size" with options like S, M, L, XL
  • It should have an attribute "color" which is either a text field or a dropdown field with all values which appear in the "color" column in the csv file
  • It expects the website code to be "base"
  • It expects an attribute set named "Default"
  • It probably won't import product images for simple products as the column values for _media_attribute_id and _media_imageseem to be switched accidently.
  • It expects all images being in the var/import/ folder.
  • It expects the ID of the attribute media_gallery to be 88

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