I am facing problem in url rewrite.

My problem is I want to redirect a page to root/mods/myvapelife-mod.html with 301 redirection but it is not happenning.

  1. I have deleted old one url rewrite and created new url rewrite but I get a 404 error page not found.
  2. I recreated old one same as old one here is its snap

old url rewrite after recreated using custom

It is working but problem is it does not redirect as 301.

  1. Whenever I am changing to 301 permission for this then target url becomes root/catalog/category/view/id/48 which I don't need. I need url like root/mods/myvapelife-mod.html.
  2. I have tried like this

i need this target ulr

But it is resulting 404 ERROR Page Not Found.

Please help me fixing the issue.

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Request Path = the path that the user is visiting (or in other words the broser is requesting).

Target Path = Magento's internal path with category and ID - the page (product, category or whatever whose content is delivered)

The sample from your first picture will most likely return a HTTP 200, since Magento redirects internally and acts as if the page with the requested path was actually there, you would not want to change the redirect status from anything than no (I guess it's database-managed). It behaves like not giving the [R]-flag in .htaccess at all.

To set up a "real" 301 rewrite, you'll have to have an existing request path for the URL to rewrite.

So you could 301 the mods/myvapelife-mod.html (request path) to mods/myvapelife-mod-2016.html (target path) where the target path is what the user eventually sees in his/her adress bar. But you would have to have mods/myvapelife-mod.html somewhere else to tell Magento which product or category to show when this URL is called.

But I am not quite sure why you have a "root" in you folder at all. Is that supposed to be part of the URI-string?


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