On Magento ver. using the default checkout, when a user selects to pay via PayPal step 6 (Order Review) is being skipping, but this step is essential to me as it has order comments. How can I make sure the user sees this step when selecting to pay via paypal?

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By design the user leaves the site for PayPal Express after step 5. They return to a separate order confirmation page. You would need to add your comments module to that final page (/paypal/express/review).

Alternatively you can use the old style PayPal Payments Standard where the user completed order at step 6 and then proceeds to pay. I think this method is being deprecated though.

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    Good points, and, indeed, with version it seems we are deprived of this final step when people choose PayPal as a payment method. It would be really cool if we could offer the customer a final order summary before going to PayPal.
    – Peanuts
    Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 12:37

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