I am trying, unsuccessfully, to add products into a store in a multi-website, multi store site. I am basing the script on one which works fine on single store projects so I am guessing that the error is down to something like store and website ids or "current store" settings. The product appears in the DB and I can load it from a script - however it does not appear in the backend or front end of the site. Can anyone assist in explaining the correct combination of store Ids (or what else I might be missing).

Here is the site/store structure:

Main Website (1)
UK Site (2)
    -> Uk store (2)
EU Site (3)
    -> Spanish store (3)
    -> German store (4)
    -> French store (5)

Here is are the main/important bits of the script. In this instance I am trying to save the product to the UK site (website id 2) and UK store (store id 2):

//NOTE: have also tried Mage::app()->setCurrentStore(Mage::getModel('core/store')->load(2));
$cstore = Mage::app()->getStore(); //quick check

/* when setCurrentStore is set to 2 $cstore includes:
* [_data:protected] => Array
*       (
*           [store_id] => 2
*           [code] => uk
*           [website_id] => 2
*           [group_id] => 2
*           [name] => UK
*           [sort_order] => 1
*           [is_active] => 1
*       )
*    when setCurrentStire is done with ADMIN_STORE_ID, we get this
*        [_data:protected] => Array
*        (
*            [store_id] => 0
*            [code] => admin
*            [website_id] => 0
*            [group_id] => 0
*            [name] => Admin
*            [sort_order] => 0
*            [is_active] => 1
*        )

//attributeSetID is  pulled out but for the purpose of this..
$attributeSetId= 4; // default

//dummy item
$item = array("name"=>"test product","id"=>"123456");

//I have tried using setWebsiteId and setWebsiteIds  (and same for storeId)

$this->magObject = Mage::getModel("catalog/product"); //new     
$this->magObject ->setTypeId('grouped')
        ->setMetaDescription('test meta description')
        ->setDescription('This is a long description')
        ->setTaxClassId(0) //tax class (0 - none, 1 - default, 2 - taxable, 4 - shipping)
            'is_in_stock' => 1,
            'qty' => 99999,
            'manage_stock' => 0,
            'use_config_manage_stock' => 0

$newRangeId = $this->magObject->getId(); // this correctly returns the new Id of the product in the DB, which can then be loaded and updated
$this->echoOut(" - New Range ID is ".$newRangeId . " - now updating");


I added in the code to set the CategoryIds and the items do appear in the admin now - all sorted. One would think that you could have a product not in a category (yet).

  • Do I need to set a category ID at this stage? – Jon Holland Aug 17 '15 at 12:11
  • I have seen that there is no entry for the newly created product(s) in catalog_product_website – Jon Holland Aug 17 '15 at 12:36

The problem turned out to be that I was not assigned the products to a category or categories.

By adding in

$this->magObject->setCategoryIds(array(#some ids here));

The objects appeared in the admin.

By changing setWebsiteId(2) and setStoreId(2) back to setWebsiteIds(array(1, 2)) and setStoreIds(array(1, 2)) the products were then correctly assigned in the admin too.

Seems a bit wrong that you have to assign a product to a category just to get it to show - that may be something one wanted to do at a later date, but there you go.

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